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    Q. So what's Bodibox all about?

    A. Bodibox is a monthly subscription box service that delivers high-fashion, designer fitness and yoga labels, to your mailbox or door!


    Q. What sizes does Bodibox carry?

    A. We carry sizes XS to XL at this time.  Are you interested in plus-size?  Shoot us an email at


    Q.  How does it work?



    Q. Why should I choose Bodibox over one of the competitors?

    A. We have put a ton of time and effort into perfecting the Athleisure styling game.  We use real-life stylists who are trained to be able to pull looks and pieces together for each client, based on the in-depth questionnaire/Style Profile that we provide at account creation.

    Many other box companies either don't specialize in Athleisure or are new to the industry.  We have a proven track record with partners like The Sweat Store who know which brands really kick butt and which don't.  This is our game and we know it inside out.


    Q. Is it a ONE-STYLE-FITS-ALL generic type box?

    A. No way Jose!  We know from experience that that's a silly idea.  Each box is carefully picked based upon the answers you provide in your Style Profile.  We have hundreds of products for our team to pull from so it's not like we have an "item of the month" that we are shipping to all.  It's totally customized, just for YOU!


    Q. Do I need to order by a certain date to receive the next shipment?  How does it work?

    A. There are 2 deliveries each month.  One on the 10th and the other on the 25th. 

    Want to be included on the 10th delivery date?  Simply order no sooner than the prior month on the 25th or the same month, not later than the 9th. 

    Want to be included on the 25th delivery date?  Simply order the 10th through the 24th.

    Orders must be received by 11:59 pm PST by the cutoff date for that delivery, which is always the day prior.


    Q. What if I receive my box and I hate the item or it doesn't fit?

    A. We're easy, send it back and we'll send ya something new.  Just be sure to give us as much feedback as possible so we can notate your account. 

    Then, you cover shipping of the unwanted item back to us and we will cover it back to you (for the new item), as many times as it takes to get you into something you adore.

    Exchanges will be for like items, I.E. legging for legging, bra for bra etc.

    Accessories are FINAL SALE and no exchanges will be honored.


    Q. Can I just return any items I don't want like some other box companies?

    A. Unfortunately no.  We do hate saying that to you.  However, we are more than willing to exchange to get you something you will love!  See the question above for more information on that.


    Q. How do the recurring charges work?

    A. Your provided card information will be charged on the anniversary date of your initial payment, based on the plan you entered into.  I.E. You chose the 3 month plan and entered into it on 10/17.  On 1/17 your plan will automatically renew for 3 months if you do not cancel.


    Q. How do I cancel my membership?

    A. It's simple, cancel AT LEAST 15 DAYS before your next billing date and we will be sure your account is put into cancellation and removed from any recurring charges.


    Q.  I never received my shipment.  Help!

    A. Before you totally freak, double check your account ship date, it may be too soon and you may have the wrong ship date in mind.  Also, your shipment can be tracked with the provided (emailed) tracking number.  Didn't receive tracking?  Double check the email provided as often this is incorrect and the root of the issue.


    Any other questions?  Call us (888) 978 - 5518 or email us at